When I first became interested in free stuff back in the mid-1990s, I decided that I was going to take advantage of every offer that came my way. At first, a lot of the free offers were legitimate. This may have been because of the novelty of the Internet but eventually, the novelty wore off. At that point, free offers began to be closely associated with scams, including the possibility for free laptop scams.

I want to outline 5 possible ways for you to identify a free laptop scam so that you can avoid it. This will help you to save time and frustration, as well as keeping you from being inundated with spam emails. Of course, the decision as to whether you are going to follow through on the offer is up to you. Just make sure that you use safe practices and check the offer against these five identifying factors for scams.

#1 Read the Terms and Conditions – Any legitimate company is going to post the terms and conditions of the free laptop offer on the website. They may post some of those terms on the main page, but it may be necessary for you to look at the specific page for the terms and conditions to read all of them. A free laptop is a valuable item so make sure that you give it the time that it deserves, instead of recklessly filling out the forms on the website.

#2 Check the Requirements – More than likely, there are going to be specific requirements that are necessary if you want to qualify for a free laptop. This is also true of many other free offers that you may find online. Review the requirements carefully and follow them to letter. If you are using a legitimate free laptop offer, ignoring the requirements could give them the right to refuse your submission.

#3 Look for Obvious Errors – On the website that is offering the free laptop, there should not be any obvious errors. Check for misspellings and for improper English. These are not always going to be an issue if it is a scam website, but it can help to point you in the right direction if you recognize any of those difficulties.

#4 Do Your Research – Even the most legitimate, professional looking website may still be owned and operated by a company with ill intent. If you have any questions as to the legitimacy of the offer, do some research before beginning to fill out any forms. Be aware of the fact that you are likely to be redirected when doing this research, so be cautious when doing it as well.

#5 Protect Your Identity – Finally, it is necessary to protect your identity, including your email address when filling out any forms online. Even a legitimate free laptop offer may end up inundating your email box with multiple additional offers. They may be within their rights to do so, depending upon the terms of their freebie. You can sign up for an email address specifically for filling out these online forms. Free emails can be obtained from Gmail.com or Hotmail.com to be used for this purpose. Keep in mind, it may be necessary for you to verify that email address when filling out the forms. Be sure to go in and verify your email address after you submit the information for your free laptop.

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